Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Ow, my muscles! And Sketch Fest Stuff...

Ran the snowblower today, and am paying for it in a big way this evening . Ow, my muscles! I can barely move my neck...

Sketch Fest was a blast, even if the Internet did go out a few hours in. (Hubris, laylalawlor, hubris!) It was fun jamming in meatspace for part of it, and even if I didn't get any of the serious, purposeful topics I wanted to tackle worked on, I'm not hating what I did get done. The new features all worked, and the pages loaded with swiftness (at least when I COULD access them). Donations and sketch sales were steady, and I've got a laundry list of improvements that are covered for our next Sketch Fest. :) Let me know if there's anything in particular YOU want to see. Better email notifications are top on my list, and second are better sales management tools (so things that are purchased immediately go off the site and can't accidentally be bought twice... or three times!).

I'm deciding on the topics for the next round of prizes, and as this wraps a full year of sketch fests, there may be some longer-term categories, from previous sketch fests, etc. A whole YEAR, can you believe it? I'm holding the next one on our birthday, March 25-26. We've come a loooooong way, baby. You guys have totally made this happen, too! Thank you so much for participating, and spreading the word, and donating your work!

A full wrap up later, when the event closes for all uploads. :)
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