Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Eventful weekend.

ABS cement makes me a little loopy. Weee...

Toilet went back to Home Despot, being badly cracked, was replaced with a new toilet, much work was done with various ABS pipes, much reading of the code was done and much scratching of the heads and measuring of spaces was done. Tank was lifted and plastick-ed underneath. Some glueing and assemblage occurred. Much drilling and cutting. New toilet much prettier and sturdier. And more expensive, but hey, you only buy toilets once. Hopefully.

Absolutely beat. Early day tomorrow. Feet hurt. No EMG time. Refuse to complain, however, because we're getting the toilet in!! Oh, and our bed is actually up in a frame now, not a mattress on a floor. We're moving up in the world! One of these days I'll have a freezer larger than a notebook and a stove that I don't have to screw a propane tank into.

I'm looking forward to being able to shake a cane at my grandkids and say "You young things today are too spoiled! When I was young, I didn't have this new-fangled 'plumbing' stuff. We had to carry water in blue jugs! Uphill!" I plan to develope selective hearing as well.

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