Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

A shameless reminder that available sketches from our last Sketch Fest will go away with the next one, which is on Friday!! This includes some finished pieces that you might not have seen! (Artists, note that you can go back to older pieces and make them available at any time, too.)

Life and Stuff

It is cooooold today. 30 degrees below zero kind of cold. Which is warmer than it was at points this last weekend. I have a beautiful fire crackling in the woodstove, and am about to venture out to chop more. Chopping, at least, is very easy at these temperatures.

Valentine's Day with the husband was really, really lovely. He made me an outstanding, amazing dinner, we exchanged small gifts that were all well-received, and a great time was generally had.

I wonder if the snow-blower will start... our driveway could use some work.

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