Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily with stuff. #abstract #artwork

Business as Usual:

Dear brain: please stop having so many awesome ideas. I can't keep up.

Remember to submit 'wind' themed work for EMG-Zine... this is a tougher than usual subject for artwork especially, but I know you guys have something that would work. C'mon... flowy hair? A tree bending in a strong wind? Leaves blowing around?

Working on the artist end of Commission-Control this morning - I need to add some refinement to the categories options so that the gallery isn't a tangled mess to browse. That won't matter at first, but it makes a big hairy difference later. (She says sagely, having learned her lessons well...)

While I'm at it, I will probably be adding some better browsing to PA, using similar bits of code. It's ridiculous that you can only search one category at a time...

To Do:

ACEOs to mail today - many of them!!
freelance site progress
1 commission finished, 1 worked on.
20 emails. AT LEAST
Retirement check
Call for appt.
Edit Darkening Skies

Artsy Fartsy:

Have an older swirly, because I have nothing new to show off. 6x8, oil on canvas board. For sale, because I am a scaly capitalist who wants to buy more paints (I still have no Paynes Gray in acrylic! *weeps*):

Into the fray go I!
Tags: abstracts, art, daily, lists, swirly

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