Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Commission Control update

Okay! Got a few hours in on this today, horrah! I am ready to have folks start uploading their artwork for their galleries and testing the bones of the gallery management area.

It is through the lilypad, and I have not yet set up any user filters or agreements (tomorrow's task), so any artist with a lilypad login can set up a gallery. It won't show up anywhere yet, this is just the page that lets you upload artwork and select categories, and it's pretty basic. If you think of more likely categories or anything sadly lacking, let me know. Record any errors you run across and let me know what you were doing when you made them happen.

If you'd like to be an artist at Commission Control and don't have a lilypad login (or know what it is), just shoot me an email or PM.

I need a Commission-Control icon... >.>
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