Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with Sketch Fest Awards!

Business as Usual

Sketch Fest Awards!

Congratulations to Catherine Swinford, for Checking for Coconut, which won our 'funniest' award.

Contratulations to Sarah Butcher, for Love Notes, which won our 'most emotional award.

And, a two-way tie for 'most creative interpretation!' Congratulations to Lorna Cowie for Urban Bling and Kate McCredie for Apprentice Goddess.

Also, congratulations to Kerrie Rusk, who left the most comments this Sketch Fest (almost twice as many as the next contender!)

All five of these folks will be receiving a small variety package of ACEO art papers to play with! Thanks for helping make Sketch Fest so much fun. :)

Fine print stuff: I'm not saying what the categories for the next round of awards will be - I don't want people doing things specifically FOR them. Winners become ineligible for prizes for 6 months after they've won, to give more folks a chance. Void where prohibited (who prohibits this kind of thing??) and prizes are offered as-is; they have no appreciable monetary value. Bragging rights are included. EMG takes no responsibility for papercuts or finger cramps when using these materials.

Arty goodness

Have some commissions to work on today, and a few minor, minor adjustments to yesterday's art. (Signing it, for one.) I would like to do a swirly painting, because after the leeeetle fussy work of yesterday, something messy and squishy would be a good change. I also have stories I desperately need to get out of my head. The Visit finally has PLOT! And some programming - wanted to get a solid start on Commission-Control and have some freelance projects to tackle.

Hungry now!

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