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Business as Usual

An earlier-than-usual reminder to look through your harddrive for work for the April EMG-Zine issue: our theme is "Wind". We are at 34% of our fundraising goal! If we don't make that benchmark, EMG-Zine will end with this calendar year, so please consider a subscription or a copy of one of our awesome print anthologies. If you are cash-poor, remember that you can help meet our goal by submitting features or fiction, and donating the credits you earn. You also have the option to donate sketches from Sketch Fest to EMG-Zine or Commission-Control, and we're talking about making an ACEO print gallery to help the cause.

Torn World got a minor brush-up over the weekend: the links are easier to read now, and re-arranged slightly so our start here page is significantly easier to find. We're deep in discussions about our first print anthology now - I am hoping to have it on hand by June, and this will probably take most of my creative energy for the rest of the month, as I've got a handful of stories to finish for it, and a bucket of lineart... one of which needs to be done by this Wednesday!!

Commission-Control is on my plate to begin today. I am likely to begin asking folks for beta testing assistance over the next few days - keep an eye out for that! We're already 19% of the way to getting payment tracking and escrow services coded in, on top of the basic site.

Cast your Votes!

Are you feeling opinionated? Cast your votes in the Sketch Fest Awards! This poll closes Wednesday!

Sketch Fest has also been nominated in the Rose and Bay Awards, and the artwork category, has patrons in the patron category and Torn World is a contender in the other category. Please note that voting is public in these polls, but I will neither look, nor take offense if you vote for any of the other great projects and people nominated for these awards.

Artsy Fartsy

As threatened, I will be posting some of my more abstract work. I'm not happy with any of my larger canvases, but at the end of each session, I use whatever is on my pallet on ACEO stock, pushing paint around until I get something I like. These are generally very thick applications of paint, expressive and with obvious brushstrokes, largely seeing how the paint mixes, how much working is over-working, etc. Some of them, I quite like, the others get dumped immediately into the trash.

This one doesn't scan well - it is paint over scratchboard, and looks quite humdrum until you turn it in the light and it explodes into gold-etched shiny with stars and curls. A fun technique - but I'm a little stumped about how best to show it off.

These are all for sale, $9 each - click on the picture to order. Shipping is included. Keep an artist arting!

I've got two commissioned pieces of artwork and one story to work on this week, and enough freelance programming for the next two months or so... so that's what I'm off to do now! (Plus, finish taxes, make some appointments, go to an appointment at 3, shower and eat.)
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