Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily brief blogging

A work meeting this morning went very well, and I've got a great stack of exciting projects to tackle here, freelance-wise.

Some minor improvements were made to the customer-end of the Portrait Adoption site.

I didn't blog yesterday, but the Sketch Fest site got major upgrades, and the prompts page no longer takes 6 hours and 800 billion nested queries to load. LEFT JOIN is my new best friend. I love it to pieces. It also meant a new prompt-specific page, and some minor adjustments to the art, artist and uploading pages, and I built myself some sales tools.

I need to look over my January goals list and see how I did; not bad, I suspect, but I also am suspicious that there are a few holes because I did not look at it enough.

Voodoo Moon bellydance show is tonight, I'm going with Melody. It should be fun, though I am feeling much more like a quiet night curled up with a movie. Must put on my social face and go out anyway...

Now? Shower and that social face!

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