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Tuesdaily with more not-funny driving adventures

The February issue of EMG-Zine is up! There will be one article added later tonight, but for the most part, we're ready to rock and roll. Remember to support the zine if you're enjoying it! Consider a subscription, a copy of one of our three gorgeous anthologies, or even just leaving us a letter to the editor!

It occurs to me that I never told you guys about my "driving tries to kill me" from last week...

Driving Tries to Kill Ellen 2.5

I was driving down the ridge road and a shiny SUV approached from a sidestreet, going too fast, and slammed on their brakes at the stopsign, coming to a stop halfway into my lane. I slowed down when I saw them coming (obviously too fast), so I had time to get to a complete stop if I needed to, which I didn't - the oncoming lane was free, so I only had to scoot out and get around, muttering to myself.

Then this shining example of Alaskan driving tailgated me ALL the way down the hill, which is dangerous at the best of times. I flashed my brakes at them, and when they would not back off, slowed to the speed I considered safer for the condition of having an SUV licking my back bumper. (Not outrageously slow, either, I've certainly slowed down more to make my point before...)

The ridge road stops at an intersection with a light, which turned yellow as I approached. I braked, and the moron behind me took immediate offense at this action, accelerated into the right lane, and then took a violent left turn from that right lane, nearly taking off my right headlight, through a light that was now red. I honked at him, which I rarely do, and he sped away to wreak havoc on other drivers.

It's a wonder I'll get into a car at all anymore...

I should also note that this is not indicative of all Alaskan drivers. For the most part, they tend to be lovely, sensible people. Just a run of bad luck on my part. Or VERY good luck, depending on how you want to look at it.


Some programming to do today, and some artwork and lots of emails.

I printed a copy of the Upheaval novel and... I'm impressed. There's an actual story in here. A GOOD story, and it's not nearly as fragmented as I feared it was. I'm excited to dive back in and start filling in the gaps and tightening up some of the action (yes, action! Real action!).

Snack now!

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