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Today, I have to do 3 commissions, finish two webpages (both done!), start and complete another, do a load of laundry, clean the house, go to the gym, get EMG-Zine stuff done, send a print order and a box of ACEOs and take over the world. I'll probably have to settle for just a handful of those things...

Weigh in on a question about the next Sketch Fest and nominate sketches for prizes! http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1156342.html

New (old) artwork is up at Torn World! http://www.tornworld.net/artpageview.php?id=184 We're also now discussing our first anthology, looking forward to hopefully getting it out mid-year...

Theses are the pieces I did for Sketch Fest.

Funding updates:

For Commission-Control:

$47.00 / $250 for payment tracking and escrow services. 19% done!

For EMG-Zine:

$306 / $900 total funding by June 2011. 34% done! If we haven't made this goal, the December 2011 issue will be our last! Remember that subscriptions include advertising! If you've got a webpage, a publication or an etsy page, you can get a banner in our rotation for just over $2 a month (in addition to the warm fuzzy of supporting EMG-Zine, credits to give your favorite authors, AND subscription perks). We get about 1400 page views a DAY, your banner shows up on every page, and there are only two other banners in the rotation right now, so this is an incredibly sweet deal at the moment...

Sketch Fest has earned itself another round of improvements - I've already got them on deck, but will keep them as a surprise for our next Fest. :) (I also still have to wrestle the last round of improvements into shape - I've got a problem with the prompts not wanting to show the non-registered prompts, and otherwise, it's about ready to go....)

Printing a copy of my novel now, because I really would like to get that polished up. And, because I was only sort of kidding about my things to do today, I better get rocking...

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