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Business as Usual

Sketch Fest is coming, this Friday and Saturday! Woo!

Remember to get your gryphon-themed work in for EMG-Zine (stories, poems or artwork)! We're 24% of the way to keeping EMG-Zine alive past this December - if you appreciate this publication, please let other people know about it, and consider a subscription. Subscriptions come with advertising, so this is an incredibly cheap way to get your site some publicity, support a really fantastic and valuable 'zine and get ad- and nag-free access to a wealth of fantastic articles. We've got FIVE years of amazing articles available, which you can search.

This is also the last week to nominate EMG-Zine for a Rose and Bay award in the 'other' category! (Torn World and Sketch Fest have been nominated, thank you so much!)

Portrait Adoption artists, there is a new submitted description available! That makes four, right now, all between $125 and $225.

The queue at Fantastic Portfolios is empty right now! It's a good time to submit a new portfolio, if you've been thinking about it... especially since I'm setting February aside to give this project my steely capitalist eye of doom.

Did I mention that Commission Control got fully funded? I'm very excited to get this going! :)

See what happened last week at Torn World.

Weekend Update

It was a busy weekend. I got the EMG-Zine site updated, and set the fundraising goals and got the anthologies back up for sale. I started on a re-vamp of the article pages, which will be less cumbersome in general, and will also count and cap your article viewing if you aren't subscribed. I'm thinking you'll get 4 as a visitor, 8 as a logged-in reader, and unlimited as a subscriber.

I also got the language database at Torn World up for beta testing. There's still a lot left to do there, but the tables are all in place, and the system works in a very simple fashion. My next step is to wrangle bulk adding tools, because adding one word at a time will take for freaking ever. Then, the user-end of things, with search and alphabetizing functions. I don't think that will happen this week, because I've got Commission Control, Sketch Fest and some freelance projects on deck. I did get the staff page updated, and the member pages now show 5 thumbnails of artwork, and you can leave art comments directly on that page, and there's a page that shows the work reserved for subscribers (not including art).

I also fixed a sketch that I still need to scan, and got a handful of emails written, though it was barely a scratch on the surface of the disaster that is my inbox. (Those of you waiting for replies, I am sorry and hang my head in shame...)


  • Two print orders
  • 2 boxes
  • ACEO box for AT
  • Art supply box (oh, so many awesome choices!!)
  • Appt at 3
  • Return Netflix disc (Fringe!! WANT NEXT DISC!)
  • Contact locals to deliver their boxes
  • Finish DM site
  • Work on C-C site
  • Prod on SE and PE sites - waiting for materials and access.
  • Improvements to SF site: Better supporter perks (especially notation on the prompt page), ability to upload to old sketch fests/claim old work. Fix prompt page so it doesn't run so slow (too many pictures!), break out finished sketches to new pages, streamline data requests.
  • Emails
  • Finish Winter Sketch
  • Finish writing The Visit

    Hmm... there's some serious blurring here between what I want to do TODAY and what I want to get done this week. Ah well... back to it, now.
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