Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Art Supplies for sale or trade!

Studio purge continues! (Though, I think this is the last non-ACEO box for getting rid of...)

1. Watercolor pencils. One of the boxes has barely been sharpened, the other saw some half-hearted use.

2. Jewelry supplies, primarily for cameos. There is a mold (I toyed with the idea of making my own clear plastic pendants with a picture embedded), some pretty pendant settings, a few chains, some plastic cabs. Probably enough supplies for 6 complete necklaces, with some extras.

3. Prismacolors! A very battered and well-used box of verithins, and a completely new, unopened, still-in-plastic set of 72 prismacolors. I adore this brand of pencils and use them exclusively... but I have a metal box of 94, a second big box of 140something, and a lot of singles. I don't need these, TOO.

4. Watercolors. A baggie of about 20 tubes in various brands - mostly full and still in good shape. The round thing is a travel set of pans - there are three levels to it, they screw off from each other to make two sets of pan paints and a palette (the clear lid). I loved this set, and it's hard to get rid of for sentimental reasons, but I never use it anymore. The two long rectangles are Prang Professional pan paints, though they look at first glance very much like the Crayola style paints, they are far better quality, and are a set, so have more than the usual colors, between the two boxes. One of them was test-used, the other is untouched. Two watercolor sponges (one quite used, the other new), and a little metal palette.

5. Glass engraving tool. Kind of a pain to use, it just never worked out for me. Open package, I think it's missing one of the tips, but there are two there.

6. Water soluble oil paints. Starter set, the plastic is ripped, but I never opened the paint tubes.

7. Various brushes, all about half worn out. Great for crafts, acrylics and oils, none are really suitable for watercolors, I don't think.

8. Acrylic paints. Various brands, age and usefulness.

9. Canson comic layout pads. One is unused, the other is missing two or three pages and the front cover. There are two loose watercolor pencils with them.

These all fit in a large flat rate priority box. Base 'bid' is the shipping cost to wherever you live. ($15 US, $36 Mexico/Canada, $59 other countries) I am screening the comments - make me an offer! I am open for commissions, trades, chocolate, wild flattery... and let me know what you'd do with it. I might take just the shipping cost if you plan to use it to tutor disadvantaged children in the ghetto, but I am hoping to recoup enough to let me make an order of shiny new art supplies to fill in the gaps I've discovered I have. (I have NO PAYNE'S GRAY in my new favorite brand of acrylics! TRAGEDY!!)

This isn't really an 'auction,' because you will not see other bids, just let me know what you want to pay or trade for it, and I'll pick the most appealing offer by Friday.

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