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A few mostly unrelated things

If the timing were just a little different, I'd be crossing my fingers that Jake got an amazing job available in Nome and I would be moving there with him to pursue EMG and art fulltime. Yes, it would mean leaving our house and beautiful land... but full time art! We could rent out the house, no problem. And having a return address of Nome Alaska! It's too bad Jake doesn't have his stamp yet... he was planning to go for his PE until next spring. Probably ought to have plumbing before we try to rent the house, too. These things come up fairly often, though, so maybe next summer!! Eeee!!!

Every so often he teases me about working towards my engineering stamp, but I think he's come to the realization that I'm pretty much stuck on my art-y pursuits.

If anything, I'd go for an architectural stamp, most likely. Engineering is boring. Don't tell him I said that...

I may be smart, but little green lizards, I can be such an idiot... *twice in a row* I've forgotten the darn inventory slips for Ursula's box. I mailed the box last night, but wanted to put the inventory into a spreadsheet and make it pretty, even if it meant mailing separately. (And use the file as a template for future mail-outs) I got about half of it typed up last night before Jake wanted his computer back, and mailed it to myself with every intension of finishing it today. Alas, I forgot all the sticky notes that the info is on at home. I was going to do the same yesterday. Rargh. Stupid, air-headed ditz... I swear I've lived up to every blonde joke ever.

Note to self: allow *generous* shipping budget for Dragon*Con!!! $63.90 with insurance!! Next time, if Ursula's pleased with the products, maybe we'll arrange that I mail it directly to the Con. This time I feel obligated to make sure she has time to do a good quality check. Note to self: Remember to carry sample book in carry-on. At the *least*, if the airport loses my luggage and the Post Office drops my boxes in the ocean, I can take orders still...

Saw a strange creature by the road last night driving back from the post office (we aren't going to talk about how I drove halfway home and realized, Ellen, you moron, you didn't turn to go to the Post Office!... gah, I was not on a roll last night...). It was honey-colored, very tubby and waddle-y, about the size of a very large cat, but very rodent-shaped. Greatly suspect marmot, but they aren't usually so far downhill; you see them up above treeline mostly. Saw my first ever raven roadkill earlier yesterday, too. In 23 years, I've never seen a dead one. Those birds are smart and fast.

It poured buckets last night, and we had to cut down a tree that was leaning into the house and banging in the wind. Fun little wet adventure.

New art up over at snowunicorn that I'd really, really, really love input on before I try to ink. I'm not too proud; I'll flutter my eyelashes or grovel or whatever. Rip it to shreds, pleaseplease! :D

I mentioned to Jake offhandedly that it would be very cool to paint the side of the house with a mural of birch trees, and he's been absolutely stuck on the idea since then. It *would* be cool... It would also involve ladders, and I'm not real keen on ladders.

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