Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Holy Freaking Busy, Batman!

The studio has been well and truly demolished, and I shall attempt an entry later explaining why we tore out that big, awesome desk, and also will take more photos so you can see the new space as we're rebuilding it.

I am painting again - I have vowed that this is the year I lose my fear of color, and that's going to take some hardcore immersion in paints and colored pencils and probably some terror therapy and a whole lot of really awful art. Don't worry, I'll subject you to most of it, and you can giggle up your sleeve at my gaping holes in skill as I try to fill them in.

One thing that studio demolishing did very effectively is dredge up all the stratified layers of works in progress. So... in between wielding giant sledge hammers and crowbars, I finished a few things. These two portraits are now up at Portrait Adoption (but won't be seen there unless you are logged in until late today.)

I also do abstract art, which I sort of hesitate to label art because I'm a hardcore illustrator-type, and I generally only do it with the leftovers on my palette after painting 'real stuff'. This piece was intended to be abstract, and turned into an impressionist seascape. Not sure what I'm going to do with it now...

Query - do you want me to post the more abstract pieces I do? I don't want to dilute the purity of my oh, SO on-topic journal with stuff no one cares about (Oh, stop laughing already!). I'm sort of divided about even scanning most of them, but will if there's interest.

Today's List

  • Logo work
  • Appt at 11
  • Gym
  • Emails - some down, many, many to go.
  • Dishes
  • catbox
  • Fix PA portrait
  • 1 hour of art. - wrist hurts, may not happen...
  • SE webstuff
  • Try to line up some more webwork - got some more!
  • Pick up check @ HD
  • lunch
  • Tax progress
  • Catch up on EMG credits and TW karma

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