Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

The *thud* icon is needed...

Jake had Friday off, and I've been doing non-stop studio demolition. Serious stuff, man... photos behind the cut!

This area hasn't changed so very much, but has greatly improved in organization, and absorbed the overflow from a demolished wall of shelving.

This is an older photo (I forgot to take before pictures before I got started on this), but the basic layout has been this way for some time. We demolished the entire shelving unit on the right, and...

There goes the desk. Jake is thawing our big sledge now for the removal of the framing.

I have thrown out giant, huge bags of trash and hauled giant boxes of stuff to the connex. I have sorted all of my loose artwork, including my treasures from others, and compiled giant portfolios of work. I have organized all of my remaining paper and sorted all of my art supplies (I will have a box of those for sale/trade shortly!). Most of my files have also been weeded and sorted, which doesn't show in these photos.

My wrist, fortunately, seems significantly better, and is not more than minorly bothered by the past three days of non-stop remodeling. My ankle is less happy; much of the work has to be done standing or squatting, and it's protesting the abuse pretty thoroughly. I am icing it, now, and taking a panting break from activity. Tomorrow, the last of the desk gets removed.

For now, my feet are up, I have a glass of white wine, and am starting the last episode of Dollhouse.

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