Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Wow! You guys had some great and creative offers on the paper surplus... I am still deciding which ones to accept (and adding more goodies to the stacks, as I find them...) :)

Also, thank you for your thoughts on what to include in the FAQ. I have a good start, now, I think.

Working on a new design job right now. I get to animate rippling water, how fun!

In other list-like things:

Laundry - ready to hang up!
Design stuff - well into it now...
Fix line breaks at SE

Sam's Club w/ Jake
Mail packages
Clean more studio (pack up sketchbooks)
gym or situps
Finish FAQ
Find something to post at TW
Tax progress
OMG gross shower cleaning.

Snack now, and back to it...
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