Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Cleaning up the Studio: Paper products for trade or shipping

I have two priority flat rate boxes here, stuffed with awesome paper, and I want to send them to someone! The 'paper' includes a big fat pile of white vinyl cling, vinyl stickers, a full package of self-adhesive heavyweight lamination, fine quality Epson glossy art paper, some inkjet tattoos, waterslide transfer paper, some handmade paper sheets for crafts, some metallic sticker paper, some stationery paper.... just a whole lot of awesome random stuff. This is the cream of the crop - I've held onto this to the very end of my studio cleaning episode. Some of it's still in packaging, some of it's not. I'm dividing what divides between the two boxes, and making them generally even in value. I'll be filling in cracks with blank lipgloss and ACEO bags, and various other bits and bobs an artsy person will be able to use. I figure each of these piles is worth $300+ at original retail. All is for inkjet.

I would like to get at least $15 to cover US shipping (elsewhere, I can calculate for - probably cheaper to send slow rate, your choice!), but I am also open to trades for commissions of art or stories, or for other items of interest (chocolate? Knit things?).

I'm screening comments - please comment with your offer if you are interested in one of these boxes. I'll pick two people tomorrow. :)

Thank you, all! It was a tough choice! I'll let you know if I find more goodies to unload. :)

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