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Wednesdaily, with Sketch Fest and other updates...

Sketch Fest is Friday! Remember that all of the available pieces will expire before the start of our next fest - this may be your last chance at any of these: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestwall.php?date=9998

I'm accepting work for a few more days for the theme of 'rabbits' over at EMG-Zine (because I completely forgot to give any reminders... >.>) http://emg-zine.com/guidelines.php

The theme for March is 'gryphons,' and I know a bunch of you have work on that theme! Remember that you can submit work well in advance, if you were to, say, find something on your harddrive related to wind, dryads, jewels, butterflies, owls, mushrooms, Scandinavian mythology, frogs or ships...

I will be poking at the 'make EMG-Zine less of a money-drain' this and next week. It will almost certainly include a different distribution of credits from subscription fees.

Commission-control is 61% to liftoff! http://www.commission-control.com/faq.php If you want to see this project happen, spread the word, and consider donating. We're $177.50 away, and that's not so much spread out over a bunch of people - every little bit helps. You may choose to donate your Sketch Fest sketch purchases/offerings to commission-control instead of Sketch Fest, too! Just let me know. Please let other people know about this project, whether you can donate or not!

All I have leftover from yesterday's list is:

  • Fix FAQ and contact form links.

    To this, I add:

  • Webwork (4 hrs) - 3 hours down.
  • 1 print order
  • Amazon stuff - got some done, tired of 'whoops, something went wrong with your form!' pages... don't make me ditch you, Chrome.
  • Paypal schtuff
  • daily TW stuff
  • Cut up more wood
  • Clear off outside work table during scarce daylight hours
  • Make more studio cleaning progress. Got a great start yesterday, but lots to do! - lots more to do, yes, but some notable progress.
  • Work on Winter sketch over my lunch break
  • renew PA domain
  • laundry
  • Get cracking on Sketch Fest site improvements!
  • SH Donation - emailed for best method, waiting

    *facepalm* I also thought of another chopping block post that I should have included: art cards. I shall do it belatedly at some point.
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