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Tuesdaily - My life in a list.

Tuesday, and not quite dawn at 11 in the morning. Sun, I want you back so bad.

Doing a bunch of cleanup and work today, feeling good about my progress so far!

  • bills
  • Webwork - 3 hours in, waiting on emails for more direction.
  • Return camera Christmas gift that wasn't what I thought I was ordering - emailed for more info.
  • laundry - 2nd load agitating - I hope I have enough hanging space...
  • Get inventory list done, and emailed
  • TW character stuff - get characters that are ready posted to the forum and figure out what's up with the others...
  • Fix FAQ and contact form links.
  • Straighten studio - a solid start completed.
  • Chop wood

    My muscles are all whiny from the gym yesterday. I am hopeful my ankle is not any worse for the use.
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