Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

January Goals

I dropped my habit of monthly goals in 2010, and I missed them. They tend to keep me focused and productive, and while I clearly accomplished a lot last year, it wasn't all forward progress.

Here's what I want to do in January:

  • Get the following webpage improvements done:

    • Fix all FAQ and contact links
    • Streamline coloring book submission and kill all the outdated FAS stuff.
    • Make coloring books and anthologies available again.
    • User preferences and links and adding old work at Sketch Fest.
    • Strong start on database for language at Torn World.
    • Fix patrons showing in galleries.
    • prints page on TB site
    • Buy Amazon account for a month so I can add my available inventory to the Great Evil Overlord.
    • One notable piece of artwork.
    • Three stories. - 1 down, but also 1 poem.
    • Finish my wordgifts.
    • Launch EMG-Zine fundraising Feb 1
    • Finish Commission-Control fundraising OR nix the project.
    • Finish the Visit
    • Edits on Crazy
    • Wintersketch - finish
    • 10 sketches at Sketch Fest(s) - 6 down
    • Inventory dump
    • Rediscover my studio
    • Taxes
    • Get caught up on credits and karma - getting there...

    Events for January:

  • Sketch Fest: January 7-8
  • Muse Fusion: January 11
  • Sketch Fest: January 28-29

    And for today, I need to get EMG-zine ready to go for tomorrow (almost done!) and watch a movie with my sweetie. I am bummed that my ankle hurts too much today to go skating with my nephews.
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