Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

2010 in Review

I can't find a list of goals for 2010. Did I not make one? I suppose that's possible. Ah well, let's see what I did...


  • I completely re-tooled the Fantasy Art Shop, including submission and front end coding - then decided to close it.
  • I completed the 3rd EMG-Zine anthology - and sold only 6 copies.
  • I completed the Steam Dreaming Steampunk coloring book (which has sold far better!)
  • I redesigned the EMG-Zine site.
  • Re-coded the backend for the Print Services... though this is also closing/not expanding.
  • I was hacked three (four??) times, got a virus and re-installed Windows.
  • I quit my job, but managed to make neeeearly as much as I made last year doing freelance work.
  • I launched Torn World, and how! Frequent updates on the site and in content.
  • I retooled the EMG backend site, including a major database merge and purge.
  • Published Meredith Dillman's Paper Dolls book.
  • I had a gallery show in March.
  • Started Sketch Fest, built a site for it.
  • Started doing monthly Fantastic Portfolios chats, though they dropped off due to health reasons (see next).
  • I had major abdominal surgery in April, complete with a wretched diet leading up to it and many unpleasant tests. Lost 10 lbs in 10 days - and didn't really have it to spare.
  • Found out our house had radon, and had to do mediation and get the basement poured. (Which is really quite nice!)
  • Launched my new personal site.
  • Did much bellydancing, and restrengthened all my poor core muscles, and even performed!
  • Got Norway certified as a Good Canine Citizen. The next week, he ran into me and I sprained my ankle...
  • Got hit while waiting at a red light and managed to take $11,000 worth of damage to my car with no discernible injury.
  • Did a complete project review that was very, very enlightening.


  • 52 stories for Torn World. Yes, 52. I am too tired to count the words, but they are generally 750 or more apiece, and usually in the 1600 range, with several up in the 3000 range. I figure it's at least 75,000.
  • A novel. A real honest to god novel rough draft with many plot holes and problems. Just over 50,000 words.
  • Collaborated with Holly on Breathing Again
  • Does blogging count?


    Bai's Desk
    Blacksnake and Honey
    The Relic
    Judge's Oak
    Odds and Ends
    Drum Dancing
    City of Lights 2
    City of Lights 1 (ink)
    Torn World comic
    Random Happy Demon Girl
    Space Vixen
    PA piece
    Rose and Dean
    All of these pieces, plus some others from previous sketch fests...

    Since I don't have goals listed, I can't compare what I wanted to get done to what I got done. Suffice to say it was a massively productive year in terms of writing and art, and if business did not at all go in the directions I anticipated and I hadn't planned for major surgery or car accidents in... okay, let's just conclude with gratitude that this year is nearly over. Between personal losses (two friends in the span of two weeks around Christmas), health problems, hackings and business hiccups, it was an uphill year emotionally. I am proud of what I accomplished, regardless, and feel it's not a bad showing.

    I am heartened to have a clean slate (however arbitrary) going into the next year, and intend to make good use of it.

    More on next year later... I have a walk to take and lunch to eat and coding to do.
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