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I ain't down yet!

Back hurts so bad today I'm ready to scream, and I've got some box lugging to do today. Doesn't help that I'm scared of pain medicine. Watched too many people eat holes in their stomachs combating chronic pain. If I'm not flattened, I'm not popping.

Wish I'd brought my heating pad to work. :(

At any rate, my big goal for today is to mail the AnthroCon box. I did inventory last night, gulped at the total, and assured myself it was a reasonable risk. I'm not quite so pleased with the T-shirts as I was yesterday. The color is gorgeous, but they're a little stiff and the T-shirts aren't as high a quality as I wanted. I made Jake pull out some of his t-shirts, and they're very comparable, but still... mine ought to be better. Have I mentioned how much I love being a perfectionist? Ugh... Kevin assures me that a couple of wash/dries softens up the decal. Must trust Kevin. I also didn't get EMG labels on the back of everything... ran out of time. Oh well! It's still a big box of lovely stuff!

I wish I had my tarot cards out of storage. I'm not into that mystic 'I have the sight' stuff, but I find reading layouts relaxing and introspective and I really love the artwork on my deck (the Robin Wood tarot, if you're curious). Maybe next month I'll write the horoscopes based on readings... that could be kinda fun. :P

Hmm... just got a remark in my contact form that I ought to carry art supplies. Interesting idea. Probably too much diversity at this point, and I probably can't compete price-wise with anyone anyway. But I have been thinking about selling sets of things... like a stationery set with a few packs of stationery, some pens, envelopes and stamps, or a coloring book with a box of colored pencils. And some appropriate pencils, erasers and an ink pen or two with one of the projects I'm doing with Jennie could be a good thought too. Artist in a box! (Sorry... obscure MAD TV 'Dentist in a box' reference...)

Alright, time to give in and take some ibuprofen and have a sandwich. Hungry, grumpy and limping...

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