Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily - with holiday laziness

I had a lovely Christmas, and hope all of you did as well (or whatever holiday you chose to celebrate, of course!). I got an iPad! It is lovely and shiny, and it took 2 hours to make a connection with Apple's servers to download iTunes because a hundred million other people also got iGadgets. I also got my long-coveted Tardis USB port! *squee!*

I got Jake a remote control helicopter to torment the pets with, and also an external DVD drive and a cable that allows him to use his iPhone to connect to the computer in his truck (or any modern vehicle) and diagnose and reset warning lights. (The check engine light periodically comes on when it's 40 below or colder, and has to be taken to the dealer to be cleared, even though it's not actually a problem!)

Yesterday, I took my sister to Chena Hot Springs, and we had a lovely soak-lunch-soak. Despite the assertations of the staff that Monday is their least busy day, I overheard a harried lady at the front desk telling a customer they could not find a room for that it had turned out to be their busiest day ALL year. The locker room - too small at the best of times - was a madhouse for the second soak. Elbow to naked elbow, and not enough lockers - I had to stuff my bag on the top of the lockers. Our server for lunch (which was remarkably fast considering the number of people queued up outside the restaurant) asked if we were twins. :P I'm glad we went early - the first soak wasn't crowded at all, and actually the second wasn't either... it's a nice big rock pool, at least.

I have a new Torn World story up for supporters: An Apple With Kick.

And a reminder that we're collecting artwork, fiction and poetry with the theme of 'rabbits' for the February issue of EMG-Zine until Jan 1! http://emg-zine.com/guidelines.php Earn EMG credits that you can use towards sponsoring stories, buying coloring books and anthologies, buying anything from Ellen's personal site, or getting subscriptions to EMG-Zine or Torn World. You can also donate your credits to another author or artist that you'd like to support!

Some paid coding now, laundry, cleaning, more logs on the fire, and general forward progress on the day now...

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