Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Muse Fusion wrapup

A fun time was had! I rather like the more relaxed timeline, I'll see what the others thought of it. It allowed me to go out and get a Christmas tree without guilt, and I still managed three stories, an article and a sketch.

From ysabetwordsmith's prompt about an apocryphal licence, I got "An Everything License," a story about Jerumal and Denel's boys, arguing about whether an everything licence actually exists. Does it? Well... it does and doesn't! 750 words, sponsor for $10.

From itew's query about an Iowa equivalent, I sat down and wrote up a brief article (about 450 words) about the Mruuna people. It will be public once it's through the review board!

From a triple request for something eclipse related (my own request, kelkyag's and xjenavivex's), I wrote a mammoth (for me!) 2550 word story called 'Darkening Skies', spanning both north and south during an astrological event. It can be sponsored for $25.

And from melissad's query about mental illnesses and psychosis, I got 'Crazy,' in which Oranaan and Denel meet Gliiveran while observing time mad victims in part of the struggle to understand what is happening at the City of Lights. Just shy of 1000 words - Sponsored by nimitzbrood

Story sponsorships mean the story becomes public, rather than being reserved for supporters of the site only.

I also sat down and did a page of sketches, inspired by the prompts, and by the work that my fellow creators were doing for them:

The upper left is an illustration for Deirdre's freebie poem, Winter Follies: http://wyld-dandelyon.livejournal.com/148125.html

The lovely shoes are an illustration for Lorna's story, These Heels Were Made for Bedding, which has been posted at the forum for contributors.

The eclipses were doodles for my own story, of course.

I will finish These Heels in this style (colored paper with colored pencil) for $35 - you'd receive the original! These Heels

You may also donate generally to randomly make one of these things happen:

I am donating half of what I make this month to the Severn Hospice in Val's name. You may also donate or sponsor using EMG or Torn World credits!

I still want to go back and tackle a half dozen more prompts - this was an inspiring batch. Thank you, guys!
Tags: muse fusion, torn world

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