Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Torn World Muse Fusion and Eclipse

The eclipse is about to begin, and I'm excited that it's still clear - I hope I can see the moon clearly through the trees, and will take photos, if I can. I am also thrilled to find out that it is also a day for a meteor shower - one that would not likely be seen if it weren't for the eclipse hiding the brilliance of the full moon. I plan to camp out for a while in my snowsuit and see if I can spot any falling stars.

I am also writing for Muse Fusion for the next day (interspersed with a little coding, I suspect...), and am asking you for two things: prompts and funding!

Please go here for full details of our fusion: http://community.livejournal.com/torn_world/54012.html

I am asking for general donations and story sponsorships. As I create stories (and maybe poetry and maybe art!), I will post sponsorship details for them. You may also donate generally to my writing efforts:

I am donating half of what I earn from this Muse Fusion to the Severn Hospice, a place that was able to bring Val a lot of comfort and relief through her struggle with cancer. You may donate via credit card or paypal (above), EMG credits (including spend-only credits) and Torn World credits (including spend-only credits). You may also send a check, to my business address.

Most of all, though, your comments really keep me going! Please leave us prompts and ideas, and enjoy what we spin out of them! (Leave your prompts here!)
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