Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Jake had Friday and today off from work, so I've had an extra-long - and extra-nice! - weekend. Friday night, I was all social and went to the dinner party of my ex-employers with many not-ex-friends. Got dressed up, had a date, wore heels, the whole nine yards. Sunday, I again hung out with friends (shocking, I know!) and went to see Tron, which ROCKED. No, wait, it was TOTALLY AWESOME. And other fabulous 80s exclamations of joy. I want to watch the original again, now.

Sunday night, Jake and I drove out the hot springs for an overnight escape. It was... fabulous. Good food, great soaking. The northern lights were out on our drive out, and it was cooooold (-20 F) and clear and gorgeous. Coming back in, the sun was only about an inch above the horizon at high noon, and throwing huge, beautiful sun dogs into the sky.

Torn World's Muse Fusion starts early this month - I'm opening it up at the start of the lunar eclipse tonight and letting it run throughout the entire day of solstice tomorrow; I'll close it up on Wednesday morning. More info when it opens in just three hours!

Ankle is unhappy - it doesn't like it when I turn left, and it's more swollen today. Stupid sprain. I shall ice it tonight and stay off it more tomorrow.

Closing down the fantasy art shop now! I may have a Chopping Block post in me tonight (maaaaybe... I'm still pretty plasmated from the hot springs) and I'm looking forward to the eclipse and the Muse Fusion.

Do something magical tonight!

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