Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Muse Fusion - Tuesday!

Next Tuesday, on Solstice, is the next Torn World Muse Fusion! Please join us with prompts and questions that we can answer for you with short stories, poetry and artwork.

You can watch for it here - I'll list a link for you when it happens! :)

I am collecting sponsors for stories and artwork as I work throughout the day, and I'm donating half of what I earn to the Severn Hospice in Val's name. For those of you who knew her and live close enough, her funeral will be on Thursday: http://www.myfamilyannouncements.co.uk/shropshirestar/view/269678/higgins-valerie

(The site will allow you to leave messages, presumably that will reach the family - you do have to register at the site and enable cookies, and the comments are moderated.)
Tags: torn world
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