Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I just went for a walk with Norway up the powerline towards the road, and I brought my camera. I was kicking myself for not taking photos earlier: the ice storm caused some amazing ice-coatings, but most of them have broken off. I did get a few! Fox prints! Hare prints! Buried cars!

I found three buried cars, as well as a few things I couldn't identify. I took lots more pictures, but they'll take a little while to process.

Prints are available, should you want them!

It was all quite fun until Norway charged not-quite-past me and bounced bodily off the back of my knees. I thought maybe I'd broken my ankle when I went down, but after some slow limping (with very contrite dog on a heel), it worked out on the (fortunately downhill!) trip home. It's a little... wrong... still, sort of feels hot and obvious(?) without actually being in pain. My wrist and shoulder hurt a bit, too - I'm thinking it might be time for a hot shower.
Tags: alaska, land, photos
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