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Struggling more than a little bit today. I have some coding work to do for a client, and a bunch of prints to run off, a few orders to pack, and a hundred emails to write. Mostly, I want to crawl back into bed and pull a pillow over my head. Or maybe sit in front of the woodstove and nap.


I'm going to take some motivation today. So!

  • When I finish the coding, I can work on a writing project I'm interested in for an hour.
  • When I finish the prints, I get to work on a piece of artwork I'm inspired by (1 hour!).
  • When I get the orders packed, I can watch an episode of TV (StarGate, maybe?)
  • And, if I get ten emails answered and 50 more archived (my inbox, it is a **disaster**...), I can take my camera with me on my walk in the woods and give you guys a bit of a tour of the post-ice-storm-post-snow beauty. Cross your fingers for good lighting.

    Writing the chopping block posts has been rather eye-opening... not only because I am discovering things about each project as I go along, and making very excellent and smart decisions about them, but because I keep writing them, and keep writing them, and I'm not even sure I'm halfway through yet. I want to shake myself and ask: HOLY CATS, Ellen, how many freaking projects are you juggling? Okay, maybe those people who keep telling you not to take on more projects and be nice to yourself are actually right...

    Watched Batman: Under the Red Hood last night. LOVED it. Very violent, but so very much the style of Batman I love best. I love the Art Nouveau city and dirigibles and the character development was strong and the fight scenes were fabulous and the villains were so well played and I loved the little cameos of other favorite characters and the escapism was exactly what I needed after a very rough day yesterday.

    Okay, enough procrastinating, off to knock things off my list.

    Need some entertainment? Ice is a short story about Iremima discovering ice and handling a bully. (Iremima is adoptable!)
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