Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Dinner from scratch...

We've been iced in for three days, so we couldn't go Thanksgiving Day shopping*. Thus, we've been making do... and how!

We were looking forward to sausage gravy and biscuits this morning, but had forgotten we were completely out of flour. So, I smooshed the biscuits that hadn't gone into the oven yet into single-serving casserole dishes and concocted little individual quiches instead - with sausage, cheese, corn and onion. Jake's had jalapeños and chili powder, too. It took longer to cook that we thought (a LOT longer!), but was absolutely amazing, topped with sour cream.

The dinner meal, still cooking, centers around a pork roast, since that's what we had in the freezer, all encrusted with herbs and making the house smell amazing. We're having homemade stuffing from scratch - even the spicing is from scratch, since most recipes I can find call for 'poultry seasoning,' which we've concocted from what we've got. No celery, but the last of our mushrooms, onion, sage sausage and yellow squash. We had no bread cubes, so it's made from three cornbread muffins, one old biscuit and an old cinnamon raisin English muffin. I'll report as to its actual quality, but it smells good! We're also making garlic mashed potatoes, gravy from bouillon (we have no drippings!) and cornstarch. A bag of cranberries out of the freezer (picked right off our land!) was boiled with sugar and Jamaican allspice, though it's not setting up quite right... I'm worried that the lack of orange juice will prove fatal to its texture, though it tastes incredibly good.

I hope you have all had as much culinary delight on your thanksgiving days, and that you have much to be thankful for, even if you aren't celebrating the day.

*To be completely fair, we COULD have made it into town today - we got the driveway cleared and roughed yesterday, and the temperature has dropped enough that it's freezed with texture. The roads are still bad but not awful anymore. But who wants to go shopping on Thanksgiving day? There were good football games on, and we had power and heat and had taken inventory and decided we had plenty of food...
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