Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Working while there's daylight...

The past two days, we've spent every hour of daylight clearing trees, and as I said to Jake, I do NOT feel guilty about missing the gym for a week. Or maybe a month.

I'm going to have some interesting bruises tomorrow, I suspect.

We were without power for another 12 hours last night and this morning. I walked up the powerline this morning and saw about half a dozen trees lying over the lines and listened to the work crews chainsaw them down about noon. An hour later, the lights came back on! It was warm enough today that a lot of the ice has melted off the trees, which is GOOD, because if it was still stuck on them when we get the wind and snow that is expected later this week without that, we would have lost more. We cleared the top part of the driveway today - one of the trees had actually uprooted over it! I don't know what our total is now - my brain says about 20 trees, but my arms are convinced it's been at least 100.

Now, well-fed on leftover casserole smothered in extra onions and cheese and re-baked, I am collapsed in my chair in front of the fire.

I have just over 900 words left for NaNoWriMo - I might make a cup of tea and try to go get them...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Just in case I can't get online tomorrow! :)

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