Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Weather Watch

Ice storm!

The trees are all dipped in glass, and a whole bunch of them have come down already - the whole forest sounds like a firing range as more fall. We were without power for 6 or 8 hours last night, and fully expect to have more outages - possibly of a day or more - as it is still raining and supposed to for another day before cooling off and snowing several inches. We have not even attempted to exit our (very long and steep) driveway, and will not until the temperature has dropped significantly - roads in the area are coated with up to an inch of ice. Schools and work are cancelled.

We're about to go out and start cutting down some of the very, very bowed over trees that are leaning towards the house and over the driveway.

ETA: Wow! Just watched two more trees come down over the driveway, right behind the truck. CRRRRRACK!

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