Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

To Potter Or Not...

Am very tempted to go to the Harry Potter release party tonight...

Gulliver's books is putting on a big show, live owls, costume contest, the whole nine yards, from 8 until midnight (outdoors... midnight sun and all). I guess people have been in line since this morning. :P

Now me, I like fantasy, and I like books, which naturally predisposes me to liking Harry Potter. I read the first one, and it's okay. The first movie was cute, too. But it's not deathless literature, and it's not... well, it's not worthy of the hype in my ever-so-humble opinion.

So why am I considering going? To take pictures of the midnight sun Harry Potter party for Woodworks, in part, maybe interview a few people. To see pretty costumes. I wish I had a friend to go with... maybe I'll call Selena. She's been in town all summer and I SUCK for not calling her. This is awfully late notice, however, as it is already nearly 7:30. Maybe I'll call anyway.

*looks sideways at the new toy.* Or maybe I'll stay here and make stuff.

I'm conflicted...

I wish I had some of my cool clothes out of storage; that would undoubtedly tip the balance... but showing up to something like that in my jeans? Eh...

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