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Thank yous

Generally, after I've been whiny (as I have lately), I try to go do that look-on-the-bright-side stuff, but was too bummed out yesterday to do so.

It was easy to do this morning.

Thank you for listening (or reading, as the case may be). Thank you for appreciating, and supporting. Thank you for being involved in things that I love. Thank you for being friends.

Thank you to everyone who has ever offered an encouraging word or a heart-felt thank you to me. Thank you for anyone who has ever bought my stationery or products, especially in its oh-so-humble beginnings, or submitted art to my business, or even simply stopped to admire it for a moment. It makes my day.

Thank you for being a random person I don't even know who is interested enough in me to even read this.

Thank you for allowing a peek into your life through your journals and your art and your writing and even your comments on other people's work. Thank you sharing yourself and know that even though I am a complete slacker about commenting these days, it is appreciated. It takes courage and strength to share these things, and I am too guilty of feeling rushed and not taking the time to tell you how much I love that you share these things.

Thank you for being who you are, from all different places in the world, at so many different places in the journey of life, with your own unique take on events and circumstances. I learn from your perspectives, and your personality quirks and strengths and weaknesses and experiences. I am a grateful student in a classroom larger than my own sphere of life.

Thank you for every flame-war and falling out. I am learning so clearly how things can be taken the wrong way, and give that much more attention to things that I say myself. Thank you for every apology and act of retribution. Thank you for every small forgiveness and understanding.

Thank you for every facet of my life that is that much more complete because you are in it.

Thank you.

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