Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Saturday with Testing

The insurance flurry has died off to a dull roar, finally, and now I just get to wait and wait and wait for my car to be rebuilt.

I get to load Norway up in the truck (which he hates having to ride in!) today and take him to the test for Canine Good Citizenship.

As Jake said, laughing: Sorry Sweetie, he's going to get an F.

There's... a chance he'll pass. And I paid for the test with the class. But I'm very suspicious he's going to fail the 'noise and distraction' portion. Possibly spectacularly, if they use the squeaky toy again. (He REALLY loves the squeaky toys.) Wish him luck!

Writing has slowed and become difficult, but I'm still getting a decent wordcount every day, am closing in on an ending, and know which gaps to start going back to fill in. I... might have a novel at the end of all this. And I might even like it. I suspect it will be too short to be marketable.

Now, a walk to wear out the dog, some brushing and nail-trimming, testing and wiring in of new smoke detectors. More writing tonight, I hope.

Have a lovely weekend!

34800 / 50000 words. 70% done!

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