Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with More Insurance Calls

Who knew that sitting quietly at a red light could turn into such a hassle?

Insurance Company #3 is calling now, for the truck that actually slid into me (the not-at-fault party). They seem as nice as my own company (Geico, btw), but I am VERY tired of the phone ringing.

I wish I could bill this time to someone...

Writing still goes fabulously. I have whizzed past the 30k mark, and pulled off a daring rescue with... only a few casualties. I get to pick up bodies next, and decide what to do with the bad guys. I have been faced with a rather sticky ratings question, as I've tackled topics I've never touched before. All kinds of firsts with this novel. I'm also thinking rather farther ahead and trying to decide how to wrap things up... there are a few choices for the natural closure of the story as a whole. I'm a little concerned I don't have 20k left of story to tell... but if it comes down to it, there are a LOT of places in the first several sections that really, really need fleshed out, so hopefully I can hit the magic 50. Otherwise, we get epilogue bits that will probably be chopped out at the end.

Have a revised copy of the cover:

Okay, food and some designwork. I have an idea for a solution to a sticking coding problem, and a whole pile of emails that I've been ignoring. Back to the salt mines!

30247 / 50000 words. 60% done!

ETA: Aaaaand, insurance #4 calls?? Still looking likely that the at-fault driver was uninsured.
Tags: car, daily, nanowrimo10, torn world

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