Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with flailing

HOLY HELL. They want more than ten thousand dollars to fix my car. It is not good when the friendly body shop mechanic says 'Gee, you really DID get hit hard.' One of the frame rails buckled, among other things.

And there's a dispute about insurance coverage. As in, the at-fault driver might not BE insured.

On the upside, MY coverage is awesome, and I am hopeful that we will get things moving quickly. I really miss my Tinaru!

Also on the plus side, I am waaay ahead on NaNoWriMo and more than halfway through my novel! Yay! It's amazing how cathartic writing 11k words about the end of the world can be when you're dealing with a mess like this...

25285 / 50000 words. 51% done!
Tags: car

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