Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Ready to keel over and fall asleep on my keyboard. Seriously bored by work, and frustrated because I know that I could be doing better things with my time. Reminder to self: they are paying you, Ellen. They are paying you a lot. Be good.

Finished a Kaz collab yesterday, wrote a short Zherra/Bh'ruk piece and finished up a story I'd had an outline finished on for sometime. We'll see if Ron think's M'scel is characterized well. :P V. happy with my writing progress yesterday, at least in regards to Kaz. Wordcount to date this week, ~2640, almost all of it yesterday. Not shabby. Not hot, but hey.

Should be working on otherstuff, but I'm not. So there.

Feeling a little low, actually. Not sure why. Not enough art, probably... that's my general cause for the blahs.

Something deep should go here,

Something inspirational here,

And a little bit of Ellen-cheese here.

Eh... going to go see if I can't go kill off a much-loved character... that might improve my mood.

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