Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Home at last, and belated Fridaily.

So, the bulk of my activity for the day was summed up in my last post, if incompletely. I wrote and coded and did a little networking and went to meet Jake at the gym before lunch.

While I was waiting for a red light, and changing the radio station, I heard an ominous crunch and looked up to find an enormous white pickup spinning out of control, right at me.

Another crunch and I reminded myself: foot on the brake, turn off the car. Foot on the brake, turn off the car. I was about a car-length back from where I'd been a split second ago, and pointing mostly sideways. No one was hurt - one pickup had... I dunno, run a light? Tried to turn on ice and failed? I never even saw it. An oncoming truck tried to avoid it and failed completely, and then bounced off of me before stopping. Crunch! The initial pickup's airbags went off and both driver and passenger were rattled but generally fine, and the driver of the other truck was very fine. My airbags never popped. Everyone was civil (downright nice, really), information was exchanged, witness names were secured, the cops showed up eventually and tow trucks came. I got to be pushed across an intersection by a cop car. My car is really not in bad shape - crumpled front driver's side quarter thingy (light bits everywhere, of course), and a popped up hood. Something was leaking underneath, but it was clear and not gas. I had to wait in the cold for about an hour and got quite chilled - I am usually queen of prepared and have my snowsuit and boots regularly stowed in the car, but not this time. Serves me right!

I waded through calling my insurance, figuring out a body shop, letting the husband know why I wasn't at the gym with him, etc. In all, it took several hours, and then Jake finally dropped me off at the gym. I worked off some of the jitters and sat in the steamroom until I dripped, then showered, had a half a veggie sandwich at the cafe, and we went home.

My back is sore now. I am very doubtful it was due to the accident itself, but suspect shivering for an hour followed by having to consciously dial myself back on the elliptical several times, followed by generally coming down from the adrenaline.

I would like to not do that again!

Writing for a while, now, I think...

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