Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with Sketch Fest planning...

Okay guys! I announced this in this month's issue of EMG-Zine, but failed to do so here: the next Sketch Fest is December 3-4. November has proved to be a challenge to schedule, and I will not have the time I want to make the improvements I want to, so we'll be doing it early in December, instead. The rest of December shakes out badly - I am gone the second and third weekends, the fourth is Christmas and the fifth is New Years. So, we'll get one the first full weekend in January, and one the last weekend.

A related question - do you guys want me to code in support for uploading your pictures via iPhone? I have figured out how to do that, and it's not too complicated an addition. If people will use it, I can add it! :) The other additions I've got next on my list are: basic edits (allowing artists to change the text of their description - this is sponsored!), more advanced edits (allowing submissions of better scans - this is half-sponsored!), allowing you to tag one piece to multiple prompts (this is a little tricky, I'm saying $50 to sponsor this), and some automation of the site (because this is only something **I** will see the benefit of - I'm doing this for free.)

Also, those of you who are sponsors - please send me a 200 x 60 pixel image to use to link to you! I will be spiffing up the site a bit and really want to highlight the generous folks who have donated their money and artwork to keep this project alive! Whether you've bought art, donated money or donated your artwork (and it's been purchased), send it to: ellenATellenmilliongraphics.com

Elections are over! Horrah! And, while I am desperately glad to be able to listen to the radio without having to surf away from ads every few minutes, I am reminded to be grateful. I am very, very glad to live in a place where I get the chance to express my opinions and have some part in the government that makes decisions that affect me. I don't agree with a lot of the opinions that others have, and I don't agree with the decisions that even the government I voted for makes. I am saddened by the party divide, and the distrust that advertising can create. I am disgusted by the broad painting we do of 'the other side' and the 'us versus them' mentality that pervades.

But, I am still glad that I live in a place that lets us choose our sides and fight our battles. Just... remember that battlefields aren't good places to find common ground, and look for other ways to express and persuade. Influence with things you want to be remembered for. A moment of quiet wisdom is worth more than a shouted slur, and can be easier to hear.

I am writing like a writing thing, and gradually crossing things off of my to-do list, which is very nice. I am about to run out of the paying work, however! If you know someone who needs some programming or drafting work, send 'em my way! I also do editing, layout, graphic design, illustration and other odd jobs.

Much to do!

4746 / 50000 words. 9% done!

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