Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with news and calls for work...

Happy November! Are we all writing a lot?

2045 / 50000 words. 4% done!

4%, horrah!

And, because it is November, there is a new EMG-Zine up, and today is the last day to submit work for the African Mythology issue in December. (Though you may request an extension...) Enjoy! It's another amazing issue!

What else have I been doing?

That is not all of it - I already made a trip to the post office with half or more of one of those columns, and I'm four boxes and three labels from finished with all of it.

I do have a few more tins in stock, so if you missed the feeding frenzy and really had your heart set on one of them, it's worth a request. I'm not putting them back up generally for sale - we're talking a FEW of each flavor, not dozens. I have a LOT of new storage space freed up. I may have to take up a bulky hobby of some kind. Otherwise, I'm likely to lose that space to the husband's beer-making equipment...

Now, to post what I've written on the NaNofilter and get the dishes washed and the dog brushed.
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