Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with comic.

I've never done a comic before, so I'm not sure I know how to be funny. This may be too obscure or too specific; I have no idea if it will mean anything to you guys, or if it's just something that makes me personally giggle. Let me know! No promises on any followup - I'm not sure if this is a medium for me.

It's available in the non-canon gallery at Torn World, along with nearly 50 other non-public pieces, all of which are entirely free to registered members who are logged in.

My next art project? Is insane. It is almost 6x as big as Journey, and twice as dramatic. It is an old artclass painting that I have tried to fix twice already, but now, FINALLY, I think I have the painting skills to actually pull it off the way I want to. I am doing a whole host of 'you can't do thats', but I'm okay with that... 'You can't do that' is one of my favorite things to disprove.

Today, I have a carload of tea to mail, some coding to do, and bellydance class tonight. I have started interviewing potential POV characters for the untitled, un-outlined Upheaval novel (novella? interwoven short story collection?) and hope to finish and post that during lunch today.

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