Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with finished art, new stories and squashed hackers.

It was in a very fragile state of mind that I opened up FTP this morning and started poking at my sites. I think I've squashed the hacker activity again (just late enough to be de-listed with google at two addresses!), and I've done a sweeping password change, so hopefully, we're done with this now. I am 90% sure this is leftover from the virus I got rid of last weekend... my mopping up just wasn't quite complete. (It was a nasty, awful thing that logs keystrokes and re-writes your boot menus - the sites themselves were not cracked, it was infiltrated through FTP. Yeah. It's safe to say I DETEST the black hat hackers.)

So, that was good news.

And, I have a new story up at Torn World I'd love to share with you! Aftermath of Ashes is the next leg of the story after Itadesh is found, burned to the ground. A touch of romance and a lot of bad news, all around.

Yesterday was our Muse Fusion, a big thank you to our prompters and participants! Lorna wrote an epic poem, Deirdre wrote two stories and I wrote three... and a fourth that just sort of ends instead of finishing, so it will need a second part. I got a total of 5086 words in the following configuration:

"Ripples" is 1767 words, and set pre-Upheaval, so it's very much science fiction, rather than fantasy. More warning signs that something bad is pending, and a look at mob mentality and fear. It is available for sponsorship for $10 or 10 Torn World credits. $10.00

"Ice" is a 765 word short, featuring Iremima as a child, dealing with a bully. A freebie for the month.

"Believing," 1474 words, is the story of a little boy who follows different beliefs than the other young citizens in his class. Being different when you're young is hard. A second freebie this month!

And, I got 1080 words into "The Visit". Three of Ressa's siblings come to visit her in Affamarg. This story isn't quite finished, but $15 or 15 credits will finish AND sponsor it, and we'll get a whirlwind tour of the city as a reference bonus. It is far more light-hearted than the other three this month. $15.00 Yay! Sponsored by Mikka, and I'm looking forward to finishing this one.

You may also donate to my writing efforts generally with any amount. If donations get to $15, I'll finish "The Visit" and make it public.

(And remember that you'll get access to ALL the supporters-only work at Torn World with a subscription, which starts at $5 AND gives you credits to spend on any author or artist! Without counting the stories listed above, there are 7 poems and 22 short stories for supporters only, plus several pieces of artwork!)

And speaking of artwork? YES! I finished The Journey.

Click through for prints and the original, or click the cut tag below for some details:

And a quick mockup as a cover, because I could...

I keep getting MORE ideas that I could use for my NaNoWriMo novel, instead of narrowing down the choices. I may have to run a poll.

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