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Fridaily with thinky thoughts

Our society... is pretty weird.

I have not posted, or even commented on, the recent racefail (and bullying and general feminist/equality) issues and don't really intend to. I am examining my reasons for staying out of it as well as my opinions on the topic, and they aren't all pretty, but they are pretty fascinating. Coupled with my recent musings on emotion, reinforcement, encouragement and the need for validation... it's too complex an issue for an off-the-cuff post. We see how well that works (it doesn't!).

There is a downy-breasted woodpecker flitting around outside my window. I would try to grab a photo, but the sun is just coming up, and the light is very bad.

I have decided I am not quiiiiite finished with my painting. I want to use some paint to touch up a few of the white highlights that got muddy, and add just a little more detail here and there. You may have to wait until Monday for the final.

It is time to re-tool the Torn World canon board. Not necessarily the members, but the logjams in review are starting to cause me great frustration. I may go to a benevolent dictatorship and just pass things through (or back to the author) as I personally think they're ready. One or two weeks to get comments in if a board member has them seems fine. Six or eight weeks without enough reviews (I only require 3! Out of a seven-member board!) after multiple nags gets under my skin. We all know how much I love having to nag.

Reminder! This weekend is our Muse Fusion! I am really, really looking forward to it - I have a story itch like crazy, and I will be putting on my earphones and jamming out on the keyboard. If you can't attend on Sunday but would like to drop a prompt into the bucket, let me know and I'll post it for you.

And, it's almost November! I am all a-wiggle over the idea of participating in NaNoWriMo this year, and am pfting at all the stressful 'don't wanna' things I was going to do instead. I deserve to carve out the time to do something I want to! I do.

I am trying to narrow down what I want to do, exactly. I am half-tempted to write a story based around the painting I have almost finished, just because it looks SO much like a book cover, and wouldn't that be a neat use for it? Maybe something set a few generations back, based around the discovery of Lichenwold. Or, I could tackle the Jenny/Bjorn storyline. There's a good novel in there I just haven't been able to coax out yet. Or, I could write a science fiction near-future storyline I've got notes for but never really pursued involving illusionist aliens who've been living among us since the 20s. Or maybe something sillier, set in Alaska and aimed at YA? Or a sex-magick porn romance! SO many choices! What do you guys want to read? Those of you on the comment filter will get a sneak preview of it. (To get on the comment filter, the only requirement is an occasional comment. Doesn't have to be on the filtered posts, just anything that shows you're actually reading my blog and making some token interaction... and if you think you should be on said filter and I missed you, please let me know!)

Okay! Off to make some final paint strokes, work on some webstuff and other duty-like things. Hope you guys are all having a lovely Friday! (Or Saturday, for you people ahead of me...)
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