Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
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Computer is back to working, and working well... it's actually SUPER speedy and I'm pretty happy with the improved performance. It's nice to have a clean machine again. STILL installing things, and many thanks for the program tips in reply to my previous post. I'm still super happy with Google Chrome.

I spent the weekend being unusually social - there was dance class, dog training, hockey game, tabletop gaming, and a performance of Into the Woods. It was all very fun, but by the end of Sunday, I was ready to crawl under a rock for a while. Monday ended up being a day of frustrating - it was one task after another that couldn't quiiiiite be accomplished. (The FedEx package was out of the truck and couldn't be picked up. The package at the PO Box was only half the order - and the boring half. We forgot one of the electrical components at Home Depot, and one of the bulbs we bought came home pre-broken.)

Today is so far a little better. Slept poorly, and went in to get my winter tires mounted at my usual place... where they informed me that it would be the 28th before they could get me in. Fortunately, Alyeska Tire had an opening. I am currently using their public WiFi and looking forward to a few hours of wait. Passport renewals are ready to mail. FedEx had better be holding the package for pickup this time.

I owe a Sketch Fest wrapup, and many, many emails. Soooooon, I hope!

Torn World Muse Fusion is this Sunday! It was scheduled for today, but a variety of events conspired to make this a Very Bad Day for it, and the other participants agreed that Sunday would be better. Watch this space! If you can't make it on Sunday, but have a prompt you'd like to leave, or a burning question you'd like answered, you can drop me an email (or use one of a dozen PM methods) and I'll post it for you on Sunday.

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