Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

More Nameless words

This was too much fun and I had to do more of them. :) I know I am not vague enough to really catch the spirit of this game, but as Torrent said, it's nice to write this stuff without feeling too cheesy. I'm probably too cheesy anyway...

1. I only just found what you'd written in my Elftown guestbook, and it warmed me to the heart. You are such a generous, wonderful mother; your children are lucky to have you. I fear you think too little of yourself too often; you are strong and talented and wise.

2. You are a musician I have never heard, but would like to! I wrote a poem for you band once when I knew that you were lacking in rhyming material, but I appear to have lost it. If I ever find it again, I will be sure it gets to you!

3. I doubt you read this anymore. You were so insulted when I removed you from my friendslist, and moreso when I told you that I had become overwhelmed by the number of entries on my friendslist. I cannot help but think I must have handled things with you badly, and I regret your exit from my life and my role in it. I don't think we had an awful lot in common, but I still mourn your loss. I hope you go far with your writing and artwork.

4. I dread the day I finally guilt myself into leaving your fanclub. I love my character, and the work you do is phenomenal, but you deserve someone more active and involved than I. More than that, you are creative, and inspirationally organized. (Envy!)

5. You aren't so frequent an LJ-er that I suspect you will read this anytime soon, but I'm writing this to you anyway. It occurs to me much belatedly that I have actually met you as well... that makes four, unless I've forgotten more of them! Your passion for Elfwood is wonderful, and I'm very much hoping for submissions of some of your PG art one of these days...

6. Your artwork, while retaining much of pure art stylism, is far and away illustrative; every picture tells a story. I love the sharpness and detail that you add, and the brilliance of your colors. Your flash fairy tales always make me laugh! Your sensitivity is not always an asset, but your ability to apologize gracefully is one that I envy. You have heart, and that is a compliment from me. One of these days I want to steal you away to cook for me; your entries make me hungry! (Yes, I put your entry under this number on purpose... :P)

I am a headless chicken. Watch me run around....

Have gotten EMG's bestsellers flagged, most of the images fixed (I have four more to reload and one to build), and no writing done in days. *twitch* Opened up a few Kaz files and ended up deleting huge swathes, but I don't suppose that counts for anything.

Update: 100 words.

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