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Free Lasagne!

"We must be the change we wish to see in the world." -Gandhi

Isn't that a wonderful quote? I like it.

*dances* I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done!!! All the entries from the old page are now entered into the new page! There's some cleanup to do; I forgot to change categories on a few entries, and some of the images got garbled on upload, but the bulk of the job is done!! Just need to create a few artist and product pages, which is going to be fairly straight-forward, change the templates, and then go through and do a good hard doublecheck on links and such. I want to make the next/previous links a little smaller and cooler, too. And hard-code in some picture sizes to stop the jumpiness.

Rats... already found three entries I'd forgotten. Damnadoodle. *adds them*

Turns out that after consolidation of some of the collections, there were only 150, not 164 entries. Woot! That should speed up the search considerable, considering the old site was 230 entries. (Of course, I'm pretty sure I'll get back up to 230 in a few weeks... ugh! Good ugh, but still, ugh!) There are still several collections that I should consolidate too, but I didn't want to go back and fuss with them right now. Priority is getting the new page up. These are minor tweaks I can do without much notice or problem.

My back has been killing me, the past several days since that forced march hike that we took Saturday. Last night I curled up on the couch and did what it is I really love about EMG: making stuff! I thought to bring some of the lamination sheets home with me, and I made another batch of stickers. Wee! They look sweeeet. I can't wait until the deluxe version that I ordered gets here. I'm going to market these as envelope seals... people have been bugging me about printed envelopes for eons, and this is as close as I'm likely to get anytime soon. I hate that I've just changed my contracts and now I have new products I want to add. Ugh.

I got a fair amount of work done yesterday; four big prints for Ursula printed, and some more big prints for orders, and some stationery, printing extra of everything with an eye out for the fair, and lots of emails. Also did five loads of laundry. Ugh. I swear, Jake owes me about a billion loads. Laundry was not in my contract. At least the laundry facilities are right there next to my office in my parents' basement (I'm shameless, yes).

What is it with bills? They're such a pain in my butt. We have plenty of money... not rolling in it, but certainly enough to pay our bills. But do we pay on time? Nooo-oooo. Instead, they get shuffled away in piles of other stuff, forgotten, and mailed late. UGH! *kickkickkick* I need a secretary. And a maid. And a pool boy. No, I don't have a pool, nor do I want one, but a pool boy... mmm....

New artwork up at snowunicorn!! I had sooooo much fun painting the Northern Lights II. And I like the way it turned out, even if the lighting on the mountain is completely bogus. The aurora looks good... wish the photo did it more justice, but there was lotsa glare from the wet paint. I don't know why it looks brownish in the photos, some kind of color shift... the sky is a very true, rich blue irl. I only used three colors in the whole piece: pthalo blue, white and yellow. I'm not as brave as good painters...

I want to paint it again, actually. In reds and purples. And maybe again in golds and reds. I am seriously addicted to this fun that is painting. :) I found more canvases to paint over; just canvasboards, not nice stretched canvases.

All for now.

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