Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Getting our basement poured today!! Whee!! They should be here any moment!

Also, my dog is a goon. I tied him up out back to be out of the way of the concrete people, and he chewed through the rope in two minutes flat. I looked outside to see him standing non-nonchalantly on his doghouse out front. He is now in my car for the day, windows slightly down. We went to the dog park yesterday, and he was slightly less goonish than usual, and played nicely and mostly obeyed (though 'come' at the dog park means the reallllllly circuitous route to him). The training collar does not particularly phase him - he has super dense neck fur, and I'm not sure it's actually poking him at all. Still, I think he's getting the picture that I want him to listen, and he's been particularly good when we drill in the evenings before dinner.

Workers are here!
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