Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Rare Saturday post with sore fingers...

I took Norway to dog obedience class today. He is a goon. He was SO excited about all the other dogs and people, and SO eager to say hello and SO SO SO interested in everything that he forgot everything he knows about not pulling, and not wiggling and listening and hey, is that a treat? But that's a DOG and that person just made a noise that means come here and that's a DOOOOOOOOG!

Did I mention he was a goon? My shoulders hurt, and he blistered my hands pulling on the leash (he weigh almost as much as I do). One of the blisters has exploded and peeled and it hurts.

By the end of the class, though, he would sit and stay (under close attention) and was mostly less goonish, and I think this will be generally helpful. We are also getting one of the scary-looking spiky clamp collars so that we are less my strength against his (which I mostly lost today). It was a heck of a workout - my arms and shoulders are tired and I was very sweaty and needed a shower when I got home. He, on the other hand, seems largely unaffected and wants to know when we go again. Also? My pocket smells like salmon treats now.

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