Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Email's being a pain in the butt. Not the service, but the whole idea of being away from my computer so much. I need to explore other options. Maybe I can persuade Jake to let me set up Outlook on his computer. *eyes husband*

In the meantime, a message board!


Maybe drawing tonight. Not feeling up to painting or writing... just want to sketch and husband will want the computer back shortly. I need books for my palm. If I had my books out of storage I would turn on some classical music and curl up on the couch with one of Robin McKinley's books.

This morning sucked. The work I'd done at DA had been overwritten, so I had to do it again. Not sure how that occurred. Frustrating. Also had to talk on the phone... and I *hate* to talk on the phone. Evil morning.

Lunch was nice! A bunch of us from work went to the Pump House (expensive, and the service wasn't great, but the food was reeeeally good) and sat out on the deck. I was cold because of the wind, but otherwise it would've been nearly perfect.

We stopped for Ice Cream at Hot Licks, and they had Prudhoe. Mmm... Double dark chocolate.

Wrote an article for Woodworks in the afternoon on how to get free art to stave off food coma. And got a handful of entries done. Ought to be adding more entries now...

I'm going to go sit on the couch!

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